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Protesters, Schmotesters: Ridiculing loudmouths for fun and games

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 06: Activists occupy the front steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to protest against the confirmation Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court October 6, 2018 in Washington, DC. The Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Kavanaugh to replace retired Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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One of the cosmic mysteries of the universe is why any thinking American pays any attention to political protesters. And frankly, surveys show that most Americans are annoyed by the “up-yours” antics of loudmouth protesters, and furious over violent street protesters.

No real mystery here. Most political protesters are either anarchists or robotic, knee-jerk losers; destructive personalities with a screw loose in their heads, engaging in mob justice madness. They are more into tear-it-down than build-it-up, more enamored with damages than achievement. They don’t know what they have, and they screw it up because they haven’t grown up. Or, in some cases, they are simply greedy for more “free stuff”.

In recent years, protesters are increasingly professional, getting paid to hold signs, unlawfully disrupt, and yell or chant. Large numbers of these leftist habitual failures get bussed to protests, or their expenses and bail money are being paid by anti-Americans like George Soros.

Who are these people? As a group, most radical protesters seem to neglect to bathe themselves. Many of them apparently haven’t gone through potty training, as they choose to urinate or defecate on public streets or the foyers of corporate offices. Hordes of protesters don’t mind breaking the law or barricading public streets; they don’t give a damn if they ruin your day or frighten you or your children. The more fearful you are, the better they like it. Intimidation seems to be their aphrodisiac.

So, who’s to blame for most of these loudmouths? Well, let’s start with parents who never taught their children decency or how dangerous mob rule is, or about civil behavior, or how America became a great nation.

America’s education leaders also are not blameless. Too many elitist educators, who arrogantly believe they “know what’s best” for children, have pushed indoctrinating kids into believing their youthful, inexperienced viewpoints are somehow “special” and should not be criticized. Kids are given “participation” trophies and are told it’s OK when they finish last in a contest, lest their precious self-esteem be damaged. Education administrators have failed to prepare many young students for life‘s realities and rigors, encouraging them to seek safe spaces that shield them from facing disparate opinions.

Lastly, but probably the worst of the aiders and abettors of the “protester class” is America’s mainstream mass media. Media editors and reporters salivate at the prospect of splashing enlarged photos of protests, middle fingers, defamatory signs, clenched fists and screaming recalcitrants all over their front pages and broadcast leads.

If newspapers and TV broadcasters stopped covering loudmouth protesters and in-your-face trash people, there would be a dramatic reduction in stupid protests. The media has never grasped that a mob is a collection of mimics. While these belly-achers and vulgar people have a right to speak, they have no right to be listened to, no right to be taken seriously. Loudness does not mean accuracy and passion does not mean credibility. If the media would ignore political protesters, most of them will abandon obnoxious behavior when they are forced to realize few people care what they say.

John R. Smith


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