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Mitch McConnell on Kavanaugh confirmation: I hope the Dems have ‘learned a lesson’

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hopes the “wild bunch” of Democrats who launched a relentless attack on Brett Kavanaugh have “learned their lesson.”

Following Friday’s 51-49 cloture vote that advanced Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote to Saturday, McConnell reflected on the despicable assault by Democrats on the federal judge’s character and reputation.

“I think we reaffirmed that in this country you’re presumed innocent. Presumption is in favor of innocence. We also learned that you should not allow mobs to intimidate you,” the Kentucky Republican told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on “The Angle” Friday.

“I think it unified us,” he said, remarking on the ability of the GOP to withstand the “assault” they have been subjected to by Democrats and protesters.

“It was good for the American people to see that these people were stood up to and didn’t get away with it. They did not win. That’s the most important thing,” he added.

“How radical has the Democratic Party of today become?” Ingraham asked.

“It’s a pretty wild bunch. I mean it’s pretty clear they were willing to do anything, say anything to try to win. No boundaries,” McConnell responded, noting how protesters even demonstrated outside of the homes of some Republican Senators.

One extreme case saw a former Democratic staffer arrested after allegedly posting the personal information of GOP senators to the internet.

“You still have close friends in the Democratic caucus after all of this or emotions pretty raw?” Ingraham questioned the Senate Majority Leader.

“I think we’ll get past it in terms of relationships. But, it was a tough period,” McConnell admitted. “I hope they learned a lesson. You can do this kind of thing but it doesn’t necessarily get you to victory.”

It was increasingly clear as the days led up to Friday’s vote that Democrats had gone too far with their smear campaign against Kavanaugh, possibly costing themselves dearly in midterm elections just a few weeks away. In fact, recent polls indicated that Republicans were making huge gains in Senate races while an amazing 75 percent of Americans blame Sen. Dianne Feinstein for the debacle in Kavanaugh’s confirmation process

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker declared that Democrats “overplayed their hand” and South Carolina’s Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has given fiery, impassioned remarks about Kavanaugh and the attacks against him, also called for an end to the stalling games by opponents of the nominee.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz thinks both Republicans and Democrats have lost credibility in the contentious weeks leading up to the vote on Kavanaugh and Americans are the losers in the process.

“Both sides have looked awful,” Luntz said on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Friday. “Both sides have lost credibility. The American people do not deserve this kind of ugliness when we’re trying to make important, policy, ideological Constitutional decisions.”

He warned Republicans not to gloat over the win as the issue is still too sensitive for many.

“I think that in this we’re going to talk about winners and losers the next 96 hours. I think the American people are the loser in all of this based on what has happened,” he said.

“And listening to those protests, and seeing people screaming, that’s not how a democracy is supposed to function,” he added. “You can say what you want about the conclusion. But our democracy is in genuine trouble right now.”

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