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Three key Senators vote YES on Kavanaugh as narrow procedural vote pushes him forward

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Senate Republicans filed for a cloture vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday and wasted no time putting it into action the next day.

Mitch McConnell gave an impassioned speech, condemning the Democrats despicable smear campaign to keep Kavanaugh from taking the highly esteemed seat.

Unsurprisingly, McConnell’s strong statements raised polarizing reactions, but that didn’t stop the procedural vote from taking place:

Out of four key swing votes, Sens Flake, Collins and Manchin voted to move Kavanaugh forward. While Sen Lisa Murkowski voted ‘no.’

That would be enough to push Kavanaugh forward with the bare miniumum of 51 ‘yay’ votes needed.

Republicans needed this vote to move forward, but it doesn’t become official until the final vote that is expected to happen over the weekend. The battle is certain to intensify as key vote Sen. Susan Collins floated she hasn’t determined her ‘final’ vote, despite helping to pass him through.


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