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DA who lost the Kate Steinle case has some great news, but not everyone is celebrating

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The man who failed to convict the illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle announced Tuesday that he won’t seek re-election.

San Francisco district attorney George Gascón, who called President Trump a “mad man” after the president called the verdict was a “complete travesty of justice,” cited the need to care for his 90-year-old mother in Southern California as his reason for not running again, Fox News reported.


“At this time, I simply cannot be the son I want to be and seek a third term,” Gascón said in a statement. “My career means a great deal to me. But success in the world with a family in chaos is not a choice I am willing to make.”

Of course, Steinle will never have the chance to care for her parents in their advanced age.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant from Mexico who killed Steinle, had been deported five times prior to the shooting and had just been released from a San Francisco jail because of the city’s “sanctuary city” law rather than being turned over to immigration authorities.

The case reflected just how broken out immigration system is, prompting anger from across the country.


Gascón, who critics say overcharged Zarate, accused Trump of instigating a media circus because the president seized on the case to insist that Americans should be able to feel safe in their own country from foreign nationals who have no right being here.

As for the “circus,” that’s more a reflection of the liberal media’s empathy for illegal immigration.

To the surprise of few, Gascón championed progressive policies.

More from Fox News:

He endorsed Proposition 47, a 2014 ballot measure designed to alleviate prison overcrowding in the state and reduce certain crimes to misdemeanors.

He also clashed with pro-police groups for being the only law enforcement official in the state to support a failed bill that would have created a stricter standard for when police officers can use deadly force.


And while some on the right may celebrate the news that the liberal prosecutor is moving on, this is San Francisco and the odds are good, very good, that he will be replaced by someone who is even more radically left.

Tom Tillison


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