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House Dems threaten to finish off the job if Senate colleagues fail at Kavanaugh sabotage

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As if to confirm President Donald Trump’s belief that the new FBI investigation of allegations against Brett Kavanaugh will never be enough for Democrats, lawmakers are already setting the stage for their follow-ups.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler believes lawmakers “would have to investigate” allegations against Kavanaugh if he’s confirmed to the Supreme Court and Democrats have regained control of Congress’ lower chamber.

“We cannot have a justice on the Supreme Court for the next several decades who will be deciding … all kinds of things for the entire American people who has been credibly accused of sexual assaults,” Nadler told ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday. “This has got to be thoroughly investigated.”

“If he is on the Supreme Court and the Senate hasn’t investigated, then the House will have to,” the New York Democrat added.

The FBI has been asked to conduct a new background review of decades-old sexual misconduct allegations against the federal judge following temper tantrums by Senate Democrats bent on derailing his confirmation. Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake requested the latest investigation as a condition to his vote on Kavanaugh.

Trump ordered the supplemental probe by the FBI though he doubted it would satisfy Democrats’ rabid hunger to bring his nominee down.

The House Judiciary Committee “would have to investigate any credible allegations … of perjury and other things that haven’t been properly looked into before,” if Democrats regain a majority, Nadler told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

“I would hope that Senator Flake and others would not vote — would make clear that their votes cannot — will be for the nominee unless there is a free hand for proper investigation of these very serious allegations of sexual assaults,” he said.

Nadler’s Democratic colleague, Rep. Eric Swalwell, echoed his thoughts.

“I hope the Senate does its job and does not send to the Supreme Court a justice who has these lingering questions about his past and what he did to women,” the California Democrat told CNN’s Ana Cabrera on Sunday.

“If they answer these questions and a thorough investigation concludes that the allegations are not true, then we should all move on. But if the questions are not answered because the president limited the investigation, we’re not helpless in the House to just have a Supreme Court with a justice who has all of these allegations still circling around him,” he said.

“We want the highest court in the land to have the highest integrity in the land. But again, hopefully a complete investigation is done and we’ll find out on Friday,” Swalwell, who is considering a 2020 presidential run, said. “Let’s hope the Senate does their job, but tell the American people we’re not helpless if they don’t.”

Former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe DiGenova, blasted Democrats on Sunday, accusing them of orchestrating the hit job on Kavanaugh, a “fine man,” regardless of the damage inflicted on the federal judge and his family.

“They want power. They’ll do anything to get it,” he said. “And they don’t care if they sacrifice a fine man and his wife and their two lovely daughters. And I say to them, I hope you all rot in hell.”

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