Feinstein writes to FBI Director Wray, looking for ‘gotcha’ in White House Kavanaugh probe directive

Dianne Feinstein — the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee — sent a letter late-Sunday (Sept. 30) to White House counsel Don McGahn and FBI director Christopher Wray, asking them to release the written directive President Trump sent regarding the FBI”s unprecedented seventh background check of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“Given the seriousness of the allegations before the Senate, I am writing to request that you provide the Senate Judiciary Committee with a copy of the written directive sent by the White House to the FBI,” Feinstein wrote (see letter below).

Feinstein also asked the FBI to release the names of any additional witnesses or evidence if the agency decides to expand its original investigation.

Feinstein’s hypocritical call for transparency comes amid growing criticism that she sat on the decades-old, uncorroborated groping allegation brought by Christine Blasey Ford before leaking her name to the press in order to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

While Feinstein meekly denied that she leaked Ford’s name in order to stir up the media witch hunt against Kavanaugh, she has a history of politically-motivated leaks, as BizPac Review previously reported.

Over the weekend, President Trump mocked Dianne Feinstein, saying her body language suggested she was lying when she claimed she did not leak Christine Ford’s name to the liberal media.

In another opportunistic non-coincidence, Feinstein wrote her letter to FBI director Wray just hours after Senator Tom Cotton announced that Feinstein will be investigated for leaking Christine Blasey Ford’s letter.

Ford sent her letter to Feinstein in July 2018 and specifically asked her to keep the letter confidential.

But Ford’s letter was leaked to the press in September — just days before the Senate was scheduled to vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

Tom Cotton — an attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School — also said Ford’s lawyers will be investigated by the D.C. bar association for not informing Ford that Senate Judiciary Committee staffers had offered to travel to California to interview her about her allegations.

“Those lawyers are going to face a D.C. bar investigation into their misconduct,” Cotton told CBS News. “Dianne Feinstein and her staff are going to face an investigation for why they leaked that. All of this could have been done discreetly, it happens hundreds of times every year in the Judiciary Committee.”


At her emotional but non-substantive Senate hearing last week, Ford — who disingenuously claimed she has a pathological fear of flying — admitted that she was never informed by her lawyers that she could have given her testimony in the privacy of her California home.

Instead, Democrats shamelessly exploited Christine Ford to stoke a media circus in order to publicly lynch Judge Kavanaugh.

“She has been victimized by Democrats…on a search-and-destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh,” Senator Cotton said.

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