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Don Jr says he fears more for his sons than his daughters in #MeToo age. He and Kimberly speak out.

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Amid prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s conclusion that Christine Blasey Ford’s claims  against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are “weaker” than a “he said, she said” case, Donald Trump Jr. says he fears more for his sons than for his daughters.

In a DailyMailTV exclusive, set to air in two parts, Monday and Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s oldest son gives his first interview with new girlfriend, Kimberley Guilfoyle.

“I mean, right now, I’d say my sons,” Trump Jr. said in light of the left having weaponized the #MeToo movement. “I’ve got boys, and I’ve got girls. And when I see what’s going on right now, it’s scary.”

Even more so when considering how comfortable the left has gotten attacking males,  particularly white males — a campaign that rallies around the evils of the patriarchy.

The interview took place when Trump Jr. was in Montana to support Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.


Guilfoyle, a former Fox News co-host and criminal prosecutor, said accusers should receive a fair hearing, but warned that political motivations cannot have to be taken into consideration.

“I think it’s important, in terms of doing an investigation, to get the facts out there and find out,” she said. “It’s very tough thirty five years later, but it doesn’t mean it should be ignored.”

The comment being a reference to Ford’s claims about what took place in high school nearly four decades ago.

“People need to be careful to understand the politics involved as well,” Guilfoyle said, “and what motivations people may have.”

And Trump Jr. said Ford’s claims are an example of such motivations, pointing out that the Democratic Party’s ambush of Kavanaugh is harmful to real cases of sexual abuse.

“For the people who are real victims of these things, when it is so obviously political in cases like this, it really diminishes the real claims,” he said.

The real question is, how many others feel the same way?

Nonetheless, the left was beside itself over Trump Jr.’s assertion. Here’s a quick sampling from Twitter:

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