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‘Your party is evil!’ Bongino unloads on gloating Dem over Kavanaugh. ‘Not just bad ideas, they’re now bad people’

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Few in America have been more outspoken over the Democratic Party’s character assassination of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh than ex-Secret Service agent Dan Dongino.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Bongino was paired against Chris Hahn, an attorney and Democrat consultant, to discuss the shameful actions of the Democratic Party, as seen last week when sitting U.S. senators from the party all but called one of the brightest legal minds in America a rapist.

A “party of crime,” as President Trump declared Saturday night at a rally in West Virginia.

Adding to that assessment, a “disgusted” Bongino said Democrats are “the party of character assassination too, as they try to take down Judge Kavanaugh, a dedicated public servant, in what was an abomination of a week for the Democrats.”

Hahn countered to haggle over the intended meanings of phrases written in a high school year book 36 years ago.

“Generally, you’re a pretty good guy,” Bongino responded. “I’m being dead serious with you now. This is disgusting.”

The remark prompted laughter from the condescending liberal.

“Don’t Laugh! This isn’t funny,” an angry Bongino said. “Don’t be a smart-ass!”

“No, be quiet. I let you talk…” he continued, as Hahn tried to talk over him. A rebuke that prompted Hahn to spew pure hate, repeatedly calling Kavanaugh a “liar”

“Hey, hey, hey! Pipe down,” Bongino told him. “I let you talk and say your ridiculous absurdities… You have disgraced yourself doing this and throwing yourself in with this disgusting episode this week.”

Hanh proved what all of America saw this past week when it comes to the radical left, that being that there are no rules or moral boundaries from those who refuse to act in good faith, as he continued to call Kavanaugh a liar over his yearbook.

Confident in the hatchet job his party has performed, he also expressed confident that the nomination will be pulled.

“He’s going to get pulled by the end of the week anyway,” he said. “Don’t you worry.”

Host Jeanine Pirro jumped in, calling the left “demon rats” before telling Hahn, “You sound like a fool!”

Bongino would soon wipe the floor with his outmatched debate partner.

“Chris, here’s the difference between me and you,” he said. “I’m not a liar and when I’m wrong or I don’t know I admit it.”

“You’re just lying because you want to take an innocent man out because your party right now is evil,” the former Secret Service agent added. “They’re not just bad ideas they’re just now bad people. I’m sorry. You’re on the wrong side of the moral arc of history.”

Tom Tillison


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