Kamala Harris’ immature and desperate outburst before upcoming Kavanaugh vote is telling

Proving again that Democrats don’t know how to play like adults, Sen. Kamala Harris treated Friday’s upcoming vote on Brett Kavanaugh with telling immaturity.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee convening in plans to vote on the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation,  Democrats threw temper tantrums as many refused to vote and just walked out.

Harris was among those who disrespected the process because things were not going her way, walking out of the Committee hearing after a failed motion by Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal to subpoena Kavanaugh’s classmate and alleged witness, Mark Judge.

The Democrats conveniently found hungry reporters waiting to hear their comments.

“This is about raw power!” she said, slamming the GOP “bullies” following a full day of testimony on Thursday from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford who alleges he sexually assaulted her at a party over 30 years ago.

Harris, along with Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Hawaii’s Sen. Mazie Hirono were met by adoring liberals ready to lap up their every word.

Harris, like her Democratic colleagues, continue to display an amazing lack of self-awareness, missing the hypocrisy of their own actions. As Democrats pulled their moral outrage with dramatic grandstanding, they had already been hours into using the pain of the parties involved to launch fundraising campaigns.

The immature behavior of Harris and other Democrats who walked out Friday morning was immediately called out for exactly what it was on social media.

Harris seems worried.

Frieda Powers


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