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Grassley grants Kavanaugh accuser yet another extension. Mixed reactions follow.

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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley announced he is not usually “indecisive” but has chosen to extend a deadline for Christine Blasey Ford to testify.

The Iowa Republican tweeted late Friday that he had decided to grant an extension to the woman accusing US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her nearly four decades ago.

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With a 10 p.m. ET deadline approaching on Friday, Ford requested an extension until Saturday to decide if she was ready to appear before the committee to testify. In a tweet addressed to Kavanaugh, Grassley explained that he had made the decision to grant Ford’s request.

The message did not indicate a new deadline but Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote is still scheduled for Monday.

The liberal California professor claiming that a drunken Kavanaugh groped her at a house party when they were teens in high school had demanded a a “full FBI investigation” before she agreed to testify before Congress.

She then attempted to subvert the judicial process by issuing a list of demands as a precondition to her appearance, including a demand that she only be questioned by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and that Kavanaugh – who has denied the allegations –  should testify before she does.

Ford was initially invited Monday to testify and given a Friday morning deadline to respond. As that deadline came and went, her attorneys declared she would testify on another date – further fueling accusations of political manipulation.

Grassley remarked on the multiple deadlines in another tweet saying he felt like he’s “playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra.”

The senator’s tweets followed earlier pleas with Ford to come forward as the evening deadline approached Friday.

President Donald Trump also called on the committee to get the ball rolling in a tweet earlier Friday after inviting Ford to produce any police records she would have filed after the incident.

Grassley’s decision to acquiesce to the demands by Kavanaugh’s accuser angered many who blasted the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman on Twitter.

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