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Backlash and confusion when host doles out ‘Reparation Emmys’ to black actors

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This year’s Emmy’s ceremony featured a new awards “category” meant to correct the “wrongs” against black actors who were never given the prize.

Michael Che, who co-hosted the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards Monday along with his “Saturday Night Live” costar, Colin Jost, introduced a segment he was naming the “Reparation Emmys.”

“You know, as a black comedian, for so many years, our TV legends and heroes have gone unrecognized,” Che said. “So this year as host, I took it upon myself to finally right some of those wrongs.”

What followed was a pre-taped segment as Che gave out real Emmys to a few who had never been honored with the trophy during their show’s runs, including Marla Gibbs from “The Jeffersons,” Jimmy Walker from “Good Times,” Tichina Arnold from “Martin,” Jaleel White from “Family Matters” and John Witherspoon from “The Wayans Bros.”

“We would like to present to you this reparations Emmy. Your role as Florence the maid is the reason why I got fired from every service job I’ve ever had,” Che told Gibbs as the clip began.

“Is this the real Emmy?!” Walker exclaimed as he was handed the award.

“Yes, the real thing,” Che replied.

“Man, I cannot believe this,” Walker said. “I just got one word for this thing. It is dynamic!”

“Steve Urkel was the original black nerd,” Che told actor Jaleel White. “Man, if it wasn’t for you, there would be no Donald Glover. There’d be no Kanye West. There would be no [Barack] Obama.”

“Did I do that?” White said with his signature line.

“It’s a reparation Emmy, it’s for you,” Che told Witherspoon who said he couldn’t have the award in his house.

“Reparation is not for an Emmy. It’s for 40 acres and a mule,” the star of “Next Friday” said. “Well get me 40 acres and a mule, I’ll take that.”

In a show touching on the greatest hits of the left, the Emmy Awards offered the usual racist jokes, attacks on conservatives, self-congratulatory speeches and an opening number focused on diversity. The running theme of anti-Christian humor was evident as well, following Che’s opening remarks that “the only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”

While the Christian-bashing was condemned by social media users, the “Reparation Emmys” got mixed reaction from viewers.

Frieda Powers


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