Oops! David Hogg burned by NY Times’ highly-misleading headline, blasts Nikki Haley for Obama’s dirty deed

It would appear former Stoneman Douglass student David Hogg, who infamously called 5 million NRA members “child murderers,” has fewer people in his ear these days.

Meaning he’s on his own to formulate thoughts and opinions, and that’s not working out too well for him, as seen in a response to a New York Times article about $52,000 curtains in Ambassador Nikki Haley’s apartment in New York City.

Taking it upon himself to speak for the country, Hogg cited “starving children in America” in calling on Haley to “resign” for having the “audacity to misappropriate thousands of tax dollars for your own lavish lifestyle.”


But Hogg’s analysis is oh, so wrong, considering the decision to buy the expensive curtains was made in 2016, under the Obama administration. The $58,000 rent was also hung on Haley, but the lease too was signed under the Obama administration.

Details that were included in The Times story, if Hogg would have bothered to read beyond the misleading headline.

And the rent was reportedly less than previous administrations.

But Hogg wasn’t alone in being duped to go after Haley, as seen in a tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper:

It seems Hogg is making it a regular habit of humiliating himself lately with his limited grasp on issues.

The gun-control teen made a colossal fool of himself at the Toronto Film Festival, where he joined forces with liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to advocate for voting rights for U.S. convicts.

Hogg urged Cannucks to vote ahead of the US midterm elections, encouraging them to donate to American politicians — which is illegal in Canada.


Fellow Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv jumped at the chance to call his former classmate out.

“Holy cow. You’re dumber than I thought. You didn’t even bother to read the article,” Kashuv tweeted, along with a photo of himself with Haley.

Given the teen’s outspokenness, social media users did not hesitate to give Hogg a taste of his own medicine, beginning with Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro.



Tom Tillison


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