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Hannity bluntly warns viewers it’s not looking good: GOP ‘in real danger of losing the House’ and Senate

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Sean Hannity urged viewers to get out and vote in what is “the most important midterm election of your life,” warning the Republicans could lose control of the House.

“Republicans, to be very blunt because I only tell you the truth, they’re in real danger of losing the House of Representatives. And the Senate? I’m not that comfortable about that either,” he said in his opening monologue on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Tuesday.

Hannity directed viewers to check the list of congressional districts displayed on the screen.

“If that is your district, you will likely decide the fate of this country in 56 days. Democrats win these races, the Trump agenda will be stopped. It’ll halt right in its tracks,” he said.

“All the progress we’ve been telling you about, the Democrats, their insane quest for impeachment will begin in earnest,” he added. “The Senate? Frankly, also up for grabs. If Republicans lose the Senate, you can forget about constitutionalist judges getting confirmed. It won’t happen.”

Hannity slammed the “aggressive threatening rhetoric and tactics coming from the left,” warning that “somebody is going to get hurt or killed” as a result. He then showed a video clip montage of “unhinged left-wing rhetoric,” ending by citing the report about the arrest of a California man after he allegedly tried to stab Republican congressional candidate, Rudy Peters.

“I’ve said it a million times before and I will say it again, the tactics of the anti-Trump resistance have gone way too far,” Hannity said. “While Peters was able to escape unharmed, and I always blame people for what they do, you can’t blame people’s rhetoric for what people’s actions are, but you’ve got to admit this is not helping.”

The Fox News host cautioned that the “next victim might not be so lucky.”

“But if it was a conservative, they’d go nuts blaming talk radio or the Fox News channel,” Hannity concluded. “I’m now holding individuals responsible. The rhetoric is reckless, it’s dangerous and it’s out of control.”

Frieda Powers


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