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Five hijab-wearing women get into wild roadside brawl with each other, drop baby like a rag doll

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A disturbing video captured the scene near a busy road in Saudi Arabia as a group of women wearing burqas got into a brawl.

The shocking video was filmed by a passing motorist in the capital city Riyadh, as the five women broke into a fight with one woman repeatedly dropping a small child.

The woman on the far left was seen holding a small child who is then dropped to the ground as the fighting ensues in broad daylight.

Amazingly, the women continued to fight as she attempted to pick the toddler up , but then drops the child again. The youngster appeared not to move for a few seconds after being repeatedly dropped.

(Image: screenshot)

None of the passing cars stopped to help or intervene and the driver filming the spectacle drove off before anything was resolved.

Viewers of the video were both shocked and amused by the scene.

Frieda Powers


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