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GOP hilariously seizes on ‘Spartacus’ moment, makes Dems OWN it

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Once again, Democrats’ antics have provided Republicans with plenty of solid campaign material.

The GOP rose to the occasion after Sen. Cory Booker’s Oscar-worthy performance at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Thursday.

The grandstanding New Jersey Democrat compared himself to “Spartacus” as he threatened to release confidential documents and challenged the Committee to penalize him. Booker eventually did release 12 pages of emails online which were marked “committee confidential” and included Kavanaugh’s post 9/11 discussions related to racial profiling.

But Booker’s stunt was a big flop as committee Republicans posted the same documents and scores of others as well since the restrictions he ranted about had already been waived – something the potential 2020 presidential contender allegedly already knew before launching his gladiator challenge.

The Republican National Committee celebrated Booker’s “I am Spartacus” moment with a jab at Democrats who continue to use the Kavanaugh hearings as an opportunity to pander to their base in preparation for 2020.


Booker, along with Democratic colleagues like Sen, Kamala Harris, hijacked the Senate hearings in order to provide pure theater.

“They missed a wonderful opportunity, the Senate did, to have a robust, interesting hearing about judicial philosophy and whether you’re a strict constructionist or you’re a minimalist,” Rep. Trey Gowdy told Fox News Thursday. “What I watched over the last couple days was a lot of people who want to be the nominee in 2020, and it’s sad.”

The GOP ad mocking Booker’s Spartacus stand follows another video ad this week that compiled examples of Democratic leaders inciting Americans to rise up in action against the government.

Booker failed to defend his stunt Thursday after damning revelations showed he must have already known he was not prohibited from releasing the confidential Kavanaugh email, even though he threatened to commit an act of “civil disobedience” by doing so.

Frieda Powers


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