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Donald Trump Jr. needs just 4 words to describe anonymous NYT source when asked on the spot

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Donald Trump Jr. has no doubt about who’s behind the anonymous New York Times op-ed slamming the Trump administration.

TMZ caught up with Trump Jr. as he arrived at French brasserie, Vaucluse Thursday in New York City along with his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Asked about the Times piece reportedly penned by a “senior Trump administration official,” Trump Jr. had a few simple words.

“Everyone’s talking about that New York Times op-ed,” the TMZ reporter yelled out to him as he exited his car. “Who do you think it is?”

“Some low-level idiot,” Trump Jr. replied as he made his was into the restaurant with Guilfoyle.

Speculation is rampant about who the anonymous author is of the piece that criticized Trump and claimed that his senior staffers are working against him. As theories questioned whether Vice President Mike Pence could be the culprit, he responded with a blistering statement refuting the claim.

The president slammed the “gutless” op-ed and the New York Times in a statement and tweet on Wednesday.

Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo believes the “coward” who wrote the op-ed is a woman.

“I’m being cautious. My attorney is keeping me from saying her name but yes, I believe it’s a woman. I believe I know who it is,” he told WBEN radio.

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