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‘What a snake’: Cory Booker blasted for sending fundraising email simultaneously with his Kavanaugh ‘performance’

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“What a snake.”

Sen. Cory Booker is getting blasted for sending a campaigning email while simultaneously putting on a grandstanding performance at the start of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

The New Jersey Democrat called on supporters for help, urging “we cannot back down,” in a fundraising email sent out Tuesday, according to Business Insider reporter, Joe Perticone.

“Add your name to join me in this fight and oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court,” the letter from the New Jersey Democratic State Committee read.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Booker joined his Democratic colleagues in what seemed to be a coordinated and premeditated series of interruptions and protests in the beginning moments of Kavanaugh’s nomination hearings.

“I appeal to be recognized on your sense of decency and integrity,” he said as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley called for order.

“What is the rush?” Booker asked. “What are we trying to hide by not having the documents out front?”

“You spoke about my decency and integrity, and I think you are taking advantage of my decency and integrity,” Grassley responded before the hearing devolved into chaos as shouting protesters had to be removed from the room.

The Democrats’ coordinated email and Booker’s hearing performance got the attention of Twitter users.

Frieda Powers


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