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Wild scene when mad woman goes berserk on a Greyhound, before running over bus driver

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A wild scene was captured on video and tweeted out by the DC Metropolitan Police Department, showing a woman going berserk, attacking a Greyhound bus with a tire iron before hitting a man with her car.

Mariana Silver, 20, had illegally passed the bus and side-swiped a car, according to WPVI-TV.

*Caution: Strong Language

Her reaction to the incident was to turn violent, smashing the windows and a mirror on the bus first with a bat and then with a tire iron, but that was just the beginning of her tirade.

A man identified as the bus driver dangerously stood in front of the woman’s car as she attempts to leave the scene. With police sirens in the background, she strikes the man, before stopping and getting out to remove him from in front of the vehicle.

Bystanders intervention and beg the man to move, telling him he’s going to get hurt. But the bus driver recklessly places himself in front of the crazed woman’s car again, as he appears to be calling 911.

With police closing in, the woman gets back in the car and hits him a second time. As he jumps on her hood, she speeds off with the driver on the car. The man is then seen tumbling to the road as he falls from the moving car.

Silver was arrested later Friday evening and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, NBC Washington reported.

As crazy as the chaotic scene may have been, the reaction on social media was just as entertaining.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:



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