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Trump plays hardball with Canada: We shouldn’t have to buy our friends…

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President Donald Trump isn’t sweating the United States’ stalled trade talks with Canada, saying our “allies” shouldn’t be blackmailing us into entering unfair, lopsided deals.

“We shouldn’t have to buy our friends with bad Trade Deals and Free Military Protection!” Trump tweeted after Canada and the U.S. failed to reach a revised NAFTA deal by an August 31 deadline.



The president has repeatedly pointed out that the multi-lateral NAFTA deal did not benefit the United States, and that’s why he prefers negotiating bilateral agreements separately with Canada and Mexico.

President Trump tweeted: “Remember, NAFTA was one of the WORST Trade Deals ever made. The U.S. lost thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. We were far better off before NAFTA – should never have been signed. Even the Vat Tax was not accounted for. We make new deal or go back to pre-NAFTA!”


The negotiations between Canada and the United States will continue over the next few days, but the mainstream are already fomenting faux outrage over the stalled talks. Keep it mind that a trade deal will eventually be reached, since it’s mutually beneficial for both Canada and the U.S.

President Trump already scored a huge win for the United States when he negotiated a bilateral trade agreement with America’s other NAFTA trading partner, Mexico.


As BizPac Review previously reported, the deal was widely considered a success for both Mexico and the United States.

So much so that liberal pundits like MSNBC contributor Josh Barro suggested that Trump negotiated the new trade deal with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto last week simply to take the media focus off John McCain’s unending funeral. Try again, Josh.

The stock markets reacted to the revised Mexico trade deal by soaring to new record highs.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney — an alum of the London School of Economics — noted: “It’s a win for President Trump. And it’s an economic win for America.”


Here’s President Trump’s hilarious response to all the haters who used McCain’s funeral theater to bash him:

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