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Giuliani tells UK press ‘no reason’ to impeach Trump, besides ‘American people would revolt’

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Rudy Giuliani believes that President Donald Trump has been vindicated by Michael Cohen’s testimony and an impeachment would lead to a “revolt” by the American people.

The president’s lawyer spoke to Sky News about the Cohen’s guilty plea on eight criminal counts and his admission that he violated campaign finance laws by paying porn star Stormy Daniels “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office.”

“Is it inevitable now that President Trump will be impeached,” the former New York City mayor was asked by James Matthews while golfing at Balmedie on the Aberdeenshire coast, a course owned by Trump.

“Hardly,” Giuliani responded. “I think it’s inevitable that he won’t.”

He added that Trump has been “completely cleared” by Cohen’s testimony.

“You have this Cohen guy, he doesn’t know anything about Russian collusion, he doesn’t know anything about obstruction, he’s a massive liar,” he said. “If anything, it’s turned very much in the president’s favor.”

Giuliani denied the significance of a recording between Cohen and Trump prior to alleged “hush money” being paid, saying the recording actually shows that the president’s former personal lawyer is the one lying.

“The tape recordings say very clearly that Cohen did it on his own, didn’t tell the president until much later,” he said. “It demonstrates that Cohen is a liar.”

Asked about the possibility of impeaching Trump, Giuliani thought it would be “totally horrible.”

“There’s no reason. He didn’t collude with the Russians, he didn’t obstruct justice, everything Cohen says has been disproved,” he replied.

“You’d only impeach him for political reasons and the American people would revolt against that,” he said.

It seems many of these Americans – and some Brits –  agreed with him.

Frieda Powers


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