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‘Shame on you!’ GapKids ad sparks international fury over young girl happily donning a hijab

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The Gap’s back-to-school advertising campaign has sparked backlash for including a young girl wearing the Sharia-mandated hijab.

The advertisements of denim-clad school children including one young girl in a hijab are meant to push diversity, but have sparked outrage and even boycotts, according to the Florida Family Association, citing an article in BareNakedIslam.com.

Some on the left celebrated the inclusion and diversity supposedly being touted by the Gap, actually believing the campaign empowers females around the world.

But many others were outraged by the clothing company’s blatant marketing ploy that misrepresented the reality.

Canadian journalist Sophie Durocher of the Journal de Montréal shared that she almost choked when she saw the ad.

In France, the ads have so enraged the secular country that Anne-Christine Lang, an elected French politician, called for a boycott of Gap.

“I’ll never accept seeing little girls in veils. I will never go to Gap,” tweeted Lang, deputy of Onward.

A petition on Change.org that has garnered nearly 8,000 signatures declares, “The veil is not child’s play.”

“We are asking GAP in Europe to disassociate itself from the GapKids campaign, #GapToSchool, who dares to place a girl with a hijab in the middle of children from different cultures, as if the veil were a colourful dimension that adds to social diversity. The veil is not a fairy tale!” the petition reads, according to Voice of Europe.

“This campaign trivialises the wearing of the veil, it gives a joyful and fraudulent image. We do not stop progress: today veiled, sexually marked at 10 years, tomorrow prevented from playing sports and bathing without a veil, the day after tomorrow excised and forcibly married?” it continued. “We ask GAP in Europe to comment on this sensitive issue and not use this type of sexist campaign to sell clothes.”

Although the Gap used models in headscarves in a 2017 campaign, the idea that a young girl would be used in its current back-to-school advertising set off the avalanche of criticism.

“The hijab exemplifies Islamist oppression towards women that is commanded by Sharia law and fatwas. Nearly 60% of Muslim women in America do not wear a hijab. The Quran does not mandate or even mention the hijab. The hijab is forced upon women by Islamists through Sharia law and fatwas,” AFA explained.

French MPs were “sickened'” by the advertisement which were shot at P.S. 153 in Harlem, NY.

The backlash continued on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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