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Elizabeth Warren shrugs Mollie Tibbett’s murder: I know it’s hard … but let’s focus on ‘real problems’ immigrants have

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When expressing condolences to the family of a murdered loved one, there are no “buts.”

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., expressed the sentiment that has come to define her party when she brushed off the tragic death of 20-year-old University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbets, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, to focus on “real problems.”

Naturally, Warren expressed sympathy for Tibbet’s family — a full 8 seconds – before callously pivoting to advocate on behalf of illegal immigrants, lamenting about how some families are separated at the border.

“I’m so sorry for the family here, and I know this is hard” she said Wednesday in an appearance on CNN. “But one of the things we need to remember here is that we need an immigration system that is effective. That focuses on where real problems are.”

She then spoke about how illegal immigrant mothers are “lied to” and don’t always know where their children are — never mind that the Tibbett family, which has been permanently separated from their loved one, will always know where Mollie rests.

“Last month, I went down to the border, and I saw where children had been taken away from their mothers,” Warren said. “I met with their mothers who had been lied to, who didn’t know where their children were, and there was no plan for how they would be reunified with their children.”

“I think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat,” she concluded. “And I don’t think mamas and babies are the place we should be spending our resources. Separating a mama from a baby does not make this country safer.”


Yet, with elected officials like Warren continuing to expose every American family to the possibility of slaughter, in exchange for electoral success, by refusing to address our broken immigration laws, we keep electing them to office.

Here’s a sampling of reactions to the Democrats cold-hearted response to the death of a beautiful young American woman whose dreams have been permanently ended by a foreign national who had no business being in this country.



Tom Tillison


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