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Dana Perino: Dems are stirring up the wrong base for 2018 to make good bumper stickers for 2020

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Fox News’ Dana Perino believes Democrats could see their extreme views on issues for the 2020 elections backfire in the upcoming midterms.

In fact, ‘”The Daily Briefing” host warned that Democrats could actually be “stirring up the wrong base” for the 2018 elections.

“In their zeal to try to find a lane in 2020, they are stirring up the base in 2018 – but the wrong base,” Perino told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

“Basically what they are talking about is Supreme Court obstruction, impeaching the president, Medicare for all and…abolishing ICE,” she said. “And all of those things are what Democratic senators in tough re-election races right now, they don’t want to talk about right now.”

“They might be good bumper stickers for 2020, but they’re not helpful for 2018,” she added.

Perino conceded that Republicans will undoubtedly lose some seats in November and in the few dozen “toss-up” races, Democrats could inch forward if the GOP can’t steer clear of scandals like the report of California Rep. Duncan Hunter who, along with his wife, were indicted on corruption charges.

While the hardcore left may be excited over the extreme views by Democrats on key issues, Perino said this strategy could work in Republicans’ favor this fall.

“We’ve got along way to go til November but these issues that the Democrats are talking about, it helps for the outrage in 2020 but it’s not going to help them in 2018,” she said.

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