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Things got super ugly when a reporter compared Kathy Griffin to Bill Cosby and Al Franken

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A Denver Post reporter axed his story and apologized for “making a false equivalence” after being raked over the coals by Kathy Griffin.

The comedian took offense to Denver Post writer John Wenzel and his tweet promoting an interview he did with the comedian ahead of her comeback tour that starts next week.

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“We are now at a place, regardless of politics, where @kathygriffin gets to come back but Bill Cosby, Al Franken, Louis C.K. etc. do not,” Wenzel wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Griffin tore into the writer for comparing the accused men to her fall from grace after the infamous photo of her with a mock decapitated head of President Trump.

Griffin’s attack prompted a reply from Wenzel that led to an explosive exchange on Twitter with the 57-year-old unloading in profanity filled replies.

Wenzel attempted to explain his comments to another Twitter user.

But Griffin attacked his remarks and the two continued, with Wenzel eventually apologizing for his story and saying his editors pulled the interview from The Denver Post.

“I sincerely apologize for making a false equivalence in this hasty, careless tweet about my @kathygriffin interview, which I have deleted after consulting with my editors,” Wenzel wrote.

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