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Watters explodes on Juan Williams over Trump media coverage: They’re ‘dishonest Dem Party hacks!’

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Tensions were high and accusations were flying on Fox News Channels’ The Five as co-hosts slammed the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump versus former President Obama.

Juan Williams praised the move by newspaper editorial boards across the nation Thursday to launch a coordinated effort to bash the president in light of his attacks on the press.

“The legitimate purpose of the press is to be an adversary to people in power and hold them accountable,” Williams said, arguing that reporters have a responsibility to call out “a guy who lies and lies.”

But the liberal co-host did not find any support from his colleagues who dropped the truth bomb about how reporters acted under Obama, obediently towing the line and acting as agents of the left.

“They’d have a lot more credibility if every administration that came around, they were this adversarial,” Jesse Watters said. “Donald Trump has exposed them as dishonest Democrat Party hacks. The media right now are extensions of the Democratic Party. They give him no credit for anything good he does and deny him all credit for anything he does.”

Williams refuted Watters’ claims demanding he give examples of his accusations. Watters, meanwhile, argued that the liberal press was just angry because they were being called out on their biased coverage.

“Why they get so upset is because their credibility rests upon the fact that they pretend to be independent,” he said.

Williams fired back some nonsense about Trump wanting to be a king rather than a president.

“The only thing the king wants is somebody who will adore him, who will honor him, who will say, ‘Donald Trump’s the greatest ever,’” he said.

The two continued talking over each other as the heated exchange became more tense. Co-host Greg Gutfeld attempted to reign them in at one point, asking them to find their “happy place.”

He also pointed out his belief that the Boston Globe editorial stunt made no impact on the average American who probably did not know, or care, about the editorial boards’ smug stand for the freedom of the press.

Co-host Dana Perino gave a more level response, saying the First Amendment gives all parties the right to express themselves.

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