Omarosa shares another secretly recorded call with staffers discussing ‘N-word’ tape: ‘He’s embarrassed’

Trump campaign advisers have denied the conversations Omarosa Manigault Newman claims occurred in a recording she released to CBS News.

The former White House aide claimed campaign staffers in a phone call in 2016 discussed a tape of Donald Trump using the n-word, CBS News reported.

Manigault Newman’s claims appeared to be supported by the tape she released early Tuesday to CBS News.

Trump campaign staffers Katrina Pierson, Jason Miller and Lynn Patton apparently were discussing how to handle the potential release of a recording of Trump during his time on “The Apprentice” using the N-word.

Trump denied that he ever used the word which he said is not in his vocabulary.

Appearing on Fox News, Pierson denied the call ever took place, calling Manigault Newman’s claims an “absolute lie.”

“She’s just trying to cover up for her own issues,” the former Trump campaign spokeswoman said.

In the tape released to CBS News, however, it seems Pierson can be heard saying of Trump: “He said it. No he said it. He’s embarrassed.”

“No one doubted that he said it,” Manigault Newman said on CBS This Morning. “They had worked to try to suppress this tape for so long.”

CBS host Gayle King seemed to push Manigault Newman on the release of the recording.

“It almost feels like a form of blackmail with the tapes,” she told the former “Apprentice” star.

“So let’s say the tape exists, now what?” King asked, referring to the actual recording of Trump using the n-word. “What is the purpose of…what do you hope will come out of this?”

Manigault Newman hoped it would “expose him for the racist that he is.”

Frieda Powers


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