‘100,000 Pyramid’ contestant offers excuses for confusing ‘bin Laden’ with ‘Obama’ in hilarious gaffe

A contestant’s “embarrassing” mistake on ABC’s “$100,000 Pyramid” has gone viral after he mixed up former Taliban leader Osama bin Laden with Barack Obama.

Evan Kaufman called the on-air flub that has now gone viral “perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

The new father, teamed with “Saturday Night Live” alum Tim Meadows, was given the subject  “People Whose Last Name is Obama” on Sunday’s show. After a deep breath, Kaufman went ahead with “bin Laden” as his clue, correcting himself with the name Barack after a pause.

And while Meadows did offer the correct answer after that, the moment was sealed in social media history, spreading online until Kaufman mocked himself for the gaffe, posting a series of tweets explaining what had happened.

Admitting that Meadows was one of his heroes, Kaufman’s tweets offered “the whole tired dad thing” as one of the possible reasons for the error, even adding a hashtag to his tweet, “#KillMe.”

Kaufman explained that he froze when the first square flipped and he could only think of the former president he would have voted for a third tine.

“It would be so funny if it wasn’t me,” Kaufman quipped, calling the whole thing a “disaster.”

“What you don’t see in this clip is me, shocked, correcting myself and saying Barack. Tim gets the answer,” the contestant continued.

While Kaufman’s moment earned plenty of mocking feedback on Twitter, he did find some sympathy and support.

Questlove of the Roots and “The Tonight Show” said he understood all too well how “thoughts leave your head” at a moment like that.

Frieda Powers


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