Pelosi thinks GOP’s afraid of her, slams NBC, tells Dem. candidates: ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks she is the “best person for the job” of Speaker and encouraged Democrats to do “whatever they have to do” to win in November.

As the California Democrat has become a polarizing figure in her party, some congressional candidates have been distancing themselves from her.

Pelosi slammed NBC News on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Sunday for trying to “undermine” her efforts to become Speaker of the House again due to a report that at least 50 Democratic candidates wouldn’t back her.

“Why not, if the Democrats take back the House, give up the gavel, and give it to a new generation of leaders?” host Jonathan Capehart asked.

“I know NBC has been on a jag, this is one of their priorities, to undermine my prospects as Speaker,” Pelosi replied.  “But putting that aside. I have not asked one person for a vote. I have not asked one candidate or incumbent for a vote. I, better than anybody, know how important it is for us to win this election because I see up close and personal what the Republicans and this president are doing.”

The Democratic leader claimed that the GOP is “afraid of me.”

“I do not think we should let our opponents, the Republicans, pick our leaders. The Republicans are spending millions, tens of millions of dollars, against me. Because they’re afraid of me because I outraise them in the political arena, I outsmart them at the negotiating table, and because I’m a woman who is going to be a seat at that table,” she said.

“That is very important to me. If Hillary Clinton had won and had sat at the head of that table it would be different, but I am not yielding that. None of us is indispensable, but I think I am the best person for the job,” she added.

Pelosi did not seem worried about Democratic candidates who are distancing themselves, but believes that will change after the 2018 midterm elections.

“I say to the candidates, ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win baby,'”she continued. “Only then, after the election, will I ask people for their support.”

Frieda Powers


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