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Media pick apart Trump for saying photo ID is required to buy groceries, but he was right

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President Trump is being slammed by the media for saying a photo ID is required to buy groceries. But why do they think he’s so off-base? Trump made the remark at a rally in Tampa, Florida, while making the case for why photo IDs should be required to vote.

“In some states Democrats are even trying to give illegal immigrants the right to vote,” Trump said. “We believe that only American citizens should vote in American elections. Which is why the time has come for voter ID, like everything else. Voter ID.”


Trump continued: “You know, if you go out to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. You need ID. You go out and you want to buy anything, you need ID. You need your picture.”

The media is blasting President Trump’s remark, claiming it’s false. While the clumsy wording made it come off like a blanket statement, it’s not wrong. For starters, does anyone have a Costco or Sam’s Club card? Your photo ID is required.

Many Americans will also tell you that they have to show a photo ID when they pay by check or credit card. Yet, the critics would rather ignore the context of his remarks and proclaim that the President of the United States thinks that you have to show a photo ID on every trip you make to the grocery store. Was he required to say, “unless you pay cash?”

And as BizPac Review previously reported, Walmart Grocery enacted a policy in 2016 requiring photo ID for grocery pickup.

If you have to show a photo ID to pick up your grocery store purchases, why is it such a stretch to expect the same to keep our votes safe?

In a message to customers, Walmart said it is requiring photo ID for grocery pickups to ensure the process is “as secure and accurate as possible.”

Interestingly, there was no liberal media outrage over this policy.

Similarly, if you want to buy beer at a supermarket or grocery store, you must show photo ID.

To apply for food stamps (so you can buy groceries), you have to show photo ID.

Democrats — who feign outrage that a foreign power (Russia) meddled in the 2016 presidential election — vehemently oppose requiring photo IDs for voting, even though that could prevent voter fraud.

Specifically, Dems are unconcerned that illegal aliens (i.e., foreign nationals) could directly meddle in U.S. elections by illegally voting, but are up in arms that Russia had indirectly meddled by promoting anti-Hillary truths. Let that sink in.

San Francisco has started allowing illegals to vote in local elections. It’s only a matter of time before that spreads to all U.S. elections.

If conservatives are vigilant about cracking down on Democratic voter fraud, it’s only because liberals have been caught doing it.

As BizPac Review previously reported, a Virginia man was recently sentenced to 100 days in jail after pleading guilty to voter fraud by registering dead people as Democrat voters.

Andrew Spieles was caught in August 2016 (months before the 2016 presidential election) after someone saw the name of a man he knew was dead on a voter registration form and called the police.

Spieles later admitted that he had falsified voter registration applications to help a co-worker hit a registration quota.

Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally to chants of ‘Tell the truth!’ and ‘CNN sucks!’

Samantha Chang


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