Fox’s Melissa Francis calls out local country club for shunning her and her family over politics

Perhaps they took Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, call to heart?

Fox Business host and Fox News commentator Melissa Francis took to Twitter to say a local country club her family is a member of shunned her.

Facebook – Siwanoy Country Club

Francis suggested in a tweet she has since deleted that Siwanoy Country Club, located in Bronxville, New York, may take exception to her working at Fox News.

“So excited to have @tony4ny tomorrow on @AftertheBell – happy you’re in NYC even if Siwanoy shuns my family yet again (they must prefer @CNN v @FoxNews ) oh well see you on the air!” Francis tweeted.


She followed that up with a second tweet, that was also later deleted, stressing that they are members of the country club that includes a spacious dining hall.

“We are member of Siwanoy Bronxville but somehow, they can’t fit us in for dinner,” she wrote. “Repeatedly. I’m sure it’s a coincidence and not something more. Right?”


That she included the hastags, #NeverTrumpers, #cnn and #HillaryForever? leaves little doubt that Francis believed the rejection was politically motivated.

And while it’s one thing to turn away members of the Trump administration, as was seen last month with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, Fox News on-air personalities do not work for President Donald Trump — no matter how often the left may state otherwise.


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