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ABC’s Martha Raddatz: How do Dems counter voters who are happy Trump is such a good president?

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In the face of a booming economy and improving poll numbers for President Donald Trump, Democrats appear to be resigned to accepting the president’s successes and its appeal to voters.

All of which prompted ABC News’ Martha Raddatz to ask Sunday how do Democrats counter that?

Raddatz was prompted by a comment from Washington Post national correspondent Mary Jordan, who suggested voters wrestle with a dueling conscience.

“[T]hey like Trump,” she explained. “But as they say, he may not be a good man but he’s a good president.”

“They don’t like his style, they don’t like Stormy Daniels, they don’t like how he tweets,” Jordan continued, throwing in “this thing with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.”

She then said voters are willing to look past this “discomfort” because of the success of Trump’s policies.

“But they will vote for him; they’re saying as of today because of conservative judges, tax cuts, lower regulation and that to them is what he’s doing is why they are still on his side.”

And that’s when a befuddled Raddatz jumped in, directing her inquiry to New York Times editorial writer Mara Gay.

“Then how do you counter that?” she asked. “And I’ve seen that on the road, Mary. “And I have talked about this too. I’ve seen that on the road as well. ‘I don’t care about Russia, I don’t care about the tweets.’ He’s a means to an end.”

Heaven forbid that America actually see a president accomplish things that are good for the nation.

For what it’s worth, Gay cited New York’s democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an example of a possible counter for Democrats, before attempting to mainstream some of the radical polices Ocasio-Cortez supports.

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