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Rudy Giuliani sets Twitter off with a one-word tweet. Exactly one word

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We certainly live in interesting times, and nowhere is that more apparent than the wasteland of social media.

Rudy Giuliani inadvertently? let loose a one word tweet that, in a society were folks have far too much time on their hands, set Twitter a’twitter.

“You.” the tweet declared.

With Trump Derangement Syndrome now at epidemic proportions, there had to be prerequisite concerns that this was some secret code to be deciphered.

Certainly worth an in-depth 3-hour analysis on CNN:

Others responded as if it were a “fill-in-the-blank” appeal.

One thing is certain, wasteland or not, Twitter is still the home of snark and some of the responses were hilarious.

Here’s to Mr. Giuliani for providing a little entertainment value for an otherwise slow Saturday morning, with the “blue check” crowd leading the way:

Here are some other hilarious responses from the great unwashed, who appear to be unworthy of the coveted blue check:



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