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Back-to-work steelworker fights tears reacting to Trump visit: ‘We’re going to make it … we’re back.’

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President Donald Trump spoke to Granite City steel workers Thursday about tariffs on foreign steel that made it possible for U.S. Steel to reopen a furnace in the city.

“U.S. Steel announced it was restarting production right here in Granite City and bringing back far more than the original estimate of 500 jobs,” President Trump said, according to KSDK News.

The NBC affiliate spoke with one of those workers, a third generation steelworker who was out of work for two-and-a-half years. The man was reduced to tears while sharing his thoughts about the president’s impact on the local community and his own life.

“It’s nice to know we got someone is fighting for us, to keep our jobs. It was rough for a lot of us,” the man said, as he struggled to fight back his emotions. When asked what having his job back meant to his family and friends the man could barely utter out the words “we’re going to make it.”

“If you had one thing to say to people watching about President Trump what would you want them to know?” the KSDK reporter asked in closing.

The burly steelworker summed his answer up in two words, courtesy of Trump: “We’re back.”

Based on the crowd reaction the president received when he entered the room at U.S. Steel, the steel worker was not alone in his appreciation.

KDSK reporters shared photos of the event online, including one that showed a full house well before Trump arrived.

And when the president did arrive, he had their full attention.

“U.S. Steel is back!” President Trump declared from the stage.

“We are here today because America never surrenders. We don’t wave the white flag,” he told the steel workers. “We only wave the flag we love… the red, white and blue.”

President Trump returned the affection, as seen in a tweet from Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media.

“On behalf of President Trump, THANK YOU Granite City, Illinois!” Scavino tweeted.

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