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Chris Cuomo challenges severity of assault against Liz Warren’s opponent. So, he offers Cuomo a challenge of his own

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo wasn’t buying a report that a Massachusetts Senate candidate was assaulted by a supporter of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Shiva Ayyadurai was see on video being shoved by a man waiting to see Warren at a town hall in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on Sunday.

While the video showed the white liberal shoving Indian-born Ayyadurai’s megaphone into his face, the caption on a story that was tweeted alleged the man “punched” the candidate.

Cuomo questioned the allegation, taking issue with the wording in the tweet.

Ayyadurai blasted Cuomo for insinuating the assault was not what was being reported and dared the CNN host to have him on the air, even providing his contact number.

The man in the video, wearing a “LIBERALS” T-shirt, was arrested after the incident and charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

“This is how these white privileged white supremacists react,” Ayyadurai said in the video following the attack.  “What you just witnessed is how you white supremacists react when you don’t want to hear the truth from a dark-skinned Indian guy. The same guy you claim you want to help. Wake up. Wake the f*** up. You guys are f****** racists.”

Twitter users called out Cuomo for his biased reaction and blatant double standard.

Apparently Cuomo’s bosses over at CNN agreed with him since, according to Breitbart News, “CNN has not given the assault any coverage, and the news org has not mentioned Ayyadurai on its site since August 2017.”

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