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Ex CIA chief Panetta proves Trump’s point; he sees a ‘clear signal the Russians have something on him’

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Former CIA Director Leon Panetta took issue with the honesty of President Donald Trump saying he misspoke on Russia’s role in meddling in US elections, and then made the remarkable suggestion that “the Russians have something on him.”

The liberal media rolled out Panetta, who served under President Barack “Lie of the Year” Obama, as the voice of reason in the latest angle to destroy the president, that being to use a perceived lack of awareness of the threat Russia poses as a means to discredit the commander-in-chief tasked with protecting America.

That Panetta is another former leader of the intelligence community under Obama making such incredulous statements only adds credence to any distrust Trump may have toward these agencies.

Saying the president weakens himself, Panetta described the issue as being about the truth — the irony of MSNBC’s Brian Williams moderating this discussion being off the charts.

“This is about the truth,” Panetta declared. “And presidents who underestimate the American people and think that they can tell them whatever they want to tell them and that the American people will accept any lie that they tell them really does underestimate the American people and weaken himself.”

Setting his guest up nicely, Williams asked if it was hard to watch the Helsinki press conference and “not think” that Russia doesn’t have something on Trump.

“What do you think, at long last, it might be?” he asked.

“Well, there is no question that there is something here that intimidates the president of the United States,” Panetta replied. “This president basically coddled Mr. Putin and it was clear that he was intimidated by that situation. Whether the Russians have something on this president or not, no one really knows, but the way he behaves, there is a clear signal that the Russians have something on him.”

Panetta’s suggestion that Putin may be blackmailing Trump into submission coming across almost as unhinged as former CIA Director John Brennan, who took to social media after Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki to say the president’s remarks “rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’”

Which would mean, of course, impeachment.

This coming after former FBI Director James Comey unleashed on Trump in a series of tweets, attacking Fox News and telling Americans they “must vote for Democrats this fall.”

Yeah, there’s no partisanship in America’s intelligence agencies that the left and their media allies now uphold — never mind that these were the same people tearing down these institutions under George W. Bush over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Tom Tillison


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