Alarmed Andrea Mitchell dramatically scolds POTUS for golfing before meeting with ‘KGB Spymaster’

Andrea Mitchell slammed President Trump for what she characterized as an ill-planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent apparently sees herself as an expert as she arrogantly claimed Trump was too busy golfing and had not properly prepared for the summit slated for Monday.

Mitchell called the meeting between the two leaders in Helsinki “unique,” speaking with MSNBC host Kasie Hunt on Sunday.

“We’ve never had a summit with a KGB spymaster, someone who has completely studied and examined Donald Trump and a president who spent the weekend golfing and has not been preparing,” Mitchell declared.

‘There was no planning for this summit, no deeply organized strategy sessions, what is the agenda, what are the goals, what do they want to get out of it,” she continued.

Mitchell smugly added that it was “unlikely” that Trump would confront Putin on some key issues because he has not done his homework.

“He doesn’t know those kind of details. He hasn’t been with his advisors,” she told Hunt. “We’ve seen him all over the lot as he crisscrosses Europe the last week.”

Mitchell also seemed dumbfounded that Trump is meeting one-on-one with Putin.

“It’s really startling that he’s going to be meeting one on one. We’re not going to have a record of this one on one meeting,” she said. “And that is alarming to a lot of former advisors in both political parties who have worked so closely to plan a summit like this.”

“This is even less planned and more impromptu than Singapore was, and that’s saying a lot,” she added.

Frieda Powers


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