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Typo or no? Trump’s ‘oops’ tweet about Lisa Page has everyone but liberals snickering

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President Donald Trump slammed former FBI lawyer Lisa Page for her refusal to appear before Congress despite a subpoena being issued.

And while the president had harsh words for her and “her lover, FBI Agent Peter Strzok,” it was one word in Trump’s tweet on Wednesday that grabbed all the attention.

He referred to Page as “Ex-FBI LAYER” instead of “lawyer.”

This set off an epic wave of snickering from many on Twitter – except liberals, of course.

Was it accidental or an intentionally made typo by the president? A report earlier this year suggested that Trump’s tweets are written for him by White House aides and formulated to mimic his online voice.

But the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., finally offered some clarity, responding to a tweet by  Dilbert creator, Scott Adams.

The president was named a troll master for the tweet which he sent while overseas in Brussels for the NATO summit. Trump again slammed special counsel Robert Mueller’s “Rigged Witch Hunt” of which Page and Strzok, who were having an extra marital affair, were members of.

Liberals were instantly offended by Trump’s ‘typo’ for every reason.

There was even some trolling by Dictionary.com.

But many agreed Trump won the internet with his stealthy typo.

Frieda Powers


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