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Candace Owens challenges ESPN’s Jemele Hill to racism debate, questions her intellect after weasel response

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Candace Owens has set her sights on ESPN’s resident provocateur Jemele Hill after she fired off some racially charged tweets.

Hill, who’s become famous for sparking  fury for her extreme politics and anti-Trump stance, retweeted a CNN story about anti-gun protests in Chicago with the quote: “What about Chicago?!”

The quip was an apparent shot at conservatives who often use the corrupt, crime-ridden, and bankrupt city as an example on how strict gun laws don’t work to curb gun violence.

Too often liberals ignore the daily massacres in Democrat-run cities like Baltimore and Chicago as they seek to disarm law-abiding Americans. But alas, a protest in Chicago … and Jemele Hill was ready to pounce.

Hill received some pushback for her tweet which prompted her to make the comment that “black people just hate racism.”

That was enough for Turning Point USA communication director Candace Owens to chime in with a unifying tweet:

Owens’ retort sparked a back-and-forth between the two as Owens claimed Democrats use people like Hill to “paralyze blacks with undue fear.” Assuming Hill wouldn’t accept that premise, Owens offered to “discuss” the topic on the Rubin Report.

But Owens’ wasn’t finished:

Owens, who’s been praised by President Trump and music icon Kanye West, had the perfect response when Hill attempted to side-step the debate challenge:

“Don’t possess the intellect to back up your assertions”?


Fox News reported that neither Hill nor ESPN have commented on a possible debate between the two.


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