Videos of the Clintons flying commercial have people asking what’s up? And what book is Bill reading?

Few will dispute that Bill and Hillary Clinton being spotted flying commercial was anything short of “stagecraft,” but the question is what are they up to?

A video surfaced on social media of the Clintons on a commercial flight, albeit first class.

Security was “nowhere in sight,” according to social media blogger Laura Loomer.

Another video captured the former president and his wife waiting to board, with Bill mingling with the great unwashed while Hillary, rocking an over-sized Mao peasant outfit, stands off to the side.

Adding to the intrigue was the book Slick Willy appeared to have for the flight.

Titled, “Crimson Lake, the book’s summary reads: “Six minutes in the wrong place at the wrong time — that’s all it took to ruin Sydney Detective Ted Conkaffey’s life. Accused but not convicted of the brutal abduction of a 13-year-old girl, Ted is now a free man — and public enemy number one.”

But the persistent question online is what are the scheming Clintons up to? Is this a prelude to yet ANOTHER presidential run by Hillary?

Inquiring minds — with a little too much time on their hands — want to know, and anytime the Clintons are involved, you can expect some lavish conspiracy theories!

Here’s a sampling of some of the responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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