U.K. mag learns the hard way not to insult America – especially not on her birthday

Americans may passionately disagree with each other on many issues but, like any family, they band together when an outsider picks a fight.

The opinion desk at the U.K.’s Independent tweeted a Fourth of July message to America that was less than complimentary.

In fact, it was pretty insulting.

“With the legislature and judiciary in the pocket of an executive in the pocket of a hostile foreign power, a very happy Fourth of July,” stated the article, which ridiculed “the bulbous shape of its president,” referring to President Donald Trump.

The tweet sure didn’t make a dent in social media with less than a dozen likes and retweets at first.

But it did generate a wave of backlash from the other side of the pond.

A retweet later in the day earned the publication even more rebukes.

It was trolling revenge and a solid message for the Independent not to mess with America.  Especially not on her birthday.


Frieda Powers


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