Suzanne Somers defends ‘big flirt’ Morgan Freeman, afraid MeToo will ruin seduction dance of the sexes

Actress and business mogul Suzanne Somers threw political correctness to the wind and made a stand for fellow actor Morgan Freeman.

Freeman was accused of sexual harassment in the wake of the feminist “MeToo” movement, and few who’ve been accused have found allies to back them. But, Somers took a chance on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle when she defended Morgan as a “big flirt.”

Somers rose to stardom playing the dingy blonde Chrissy Snow on the 1970’s sitcom Three’s Company. Somers explained to Ingraham that she was fired from the show because she had asked to be paid the same amount has co-star John Ridder.

In light of that discussion, Fox host Laura Ingraham asked Sommers what she thought about the MeToo movement.

“Well, this probably won’t be real popular …  I totally understand the Weinstein, and Cosby, that’s like, ‘of course’” Somers prefaced.

“But you know, Morgan Freeman’s a big flirt.”


“I know him really well. He sees you and says ‘I like your dress,’ and he’ll like your hair and he’ll like a lot of things,” she explained.

Somers dared to say that she hopes normal, flirty interactions between men and women don’t end in this hyper-political era.

“I hope that the dance doesn’t stop. It’s seduction, it’s flirting. All those things are really fun,” Somers said.

“So, I hope there’s a way we can find a nice medium with that.”

Meanwhile, Freeman has denied the charges and called for CNN to retract its accusatory story for “falsehoods” and “journalist malpractice.”



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