Wealthy, bored suburban mom has it all. Turns to crime spree to add ‘excitement’ to her life

A bored woman who had it all, other than excitement, went on a two-day crime spree because felt like she had nothing to “look forward to.”

Melissa Bergman, 30, can now look forward to getting a close up, personal education on the legal system and jail conditions in America.

The stay-at-home mom lives in a $475,000 house in Mason, Ohio, and will serve time in jail after committing a series of thefts in July 2017, NBC affiliate WLWT reported.

“I felt like my life was going nowhere,” Bergman told WLWT. “I felt like I had nothing to look forward to in life.”

Bergman, an Army veteran and mother of two, told the news station that she tried to commit suicide last summer and when she returned home after being released from the hospital, she found a package on her doorstep that belonged to a neighbor.

“So I drove to the person’s house and I said, ‘Hey, I got this package. It’s not mine.’ He had three other packages on his doorstep, so he took the package and he closed the door, and I’m like, ‘Oh he doesn’t want these,’ so I took one, and I put it in my car,” she said. “That’s when the urge started getting worse and worse and worse, and I couldn’t control it.”

Bergman had found the excitement missing in her life.

“It’s not like I was selling it, not like I needed it,” she said. “Just the excitement of looking to see what was in that box and knowing, ya’ know what, ‘Since he didn’t want this item, this item can be donated to someone that actually really needs it,’ and that was the thought that went through my head.”

The next day, she loaded up the children in her minivan and they spent their day stealing packages off people’s doorsteps — 12 in two days.

Bergman was ordered to publicly apologize, which she did, according to the NBC affiliate, but she’ll still have to serve 30 days in jail for her theft convictions.

The bored mother was arrested in November for theft and misuse of credit cards for an incident at a local hotel, WLWT reported.  In lieu of a conviction, a judge ordered Bergman to complete a veterans intervention program.

Tom Tillison


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