Illegal immigrant mom proves Trump’s zero-tolerance works, advises refuge-seekers to go somewhere else

Through the heartbreak of family separation, an immigrant mother’s warning to others was a sure sign that President Trump’s immigration policy is working.

Martin Godinez was being reunited with her seven-year-old daughter following a temporary two month separation after when they tried to cross the U.S. border illegally in a CBS News feature.

The child was sent to Michigan where a child welfare agency looked after her, according to CBS News which reported that the mother warned others about the difficulties of entering the United States illegally.

“I would advise people to find another country to seek refuge. Because here the law is very tough. People don’t have a heart,” Godinez said.

She seemed to inadvertently prove the message the administration is trying to send with President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy implemented this year. Although the president signed an executive order last month to stop the separation of children from accompanying adults who are apprehended at the border, there has been significant and relentless backlash by liberals slamming the system intended to deter illegal border crossing.

Apparently, the tougher stance has had an effect as Godinez attested in the CBS video.

The family was reportedly fleeing their hometown in Guatemala after threats from local gangsters demanding money when they were caught by Border Patrol crossing from Mexico in May, according to CBS News which reported that the family “could easily have been apprehended under the previous administration, too, and would have faced a tough battle for asylum.”

Godinez along with an infant son has been living with relatives near Miami, Florida while her husband, who convicted of the misdemeanor offense of illegal entry into the U.S. waits at a jail in Atlanta, likely facing deportation.

While the left continues to defend those seeking to illegally enter the country, others reacted to the CBS story with appreciation that Trump’s tougher immigration stance is making a difference.

Frieda Powers


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