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Nicolle Wallace loses train of thought, gets giddy discussing how Trump could be hurt in a recession

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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was so giddy upon hearing an anti-Trump doomsayer suggesting President Donald Trump may be finished if the economy tanks that she completely lost her train of thought.

Jon Meacham, a presidential historian and frequent panelist on the network, called President Donald Trump an “unreliable actor” and said the only reason his approval rating is so high is because of “401-k Trumpettes,” whose numbers are up due to the robust economy.

Meacham said a friend pointed out that it wasn’t until “[Richard] Nixon’s recession” that Watergate broke, suggesting that if a recession hits the bottom will drop out on Trump.

“Ok…,” Wallace stammered, breaking into a broad grin. “Good!”

Her happiness over the possibility of Trump being hurt was impossible to miss, and the entire table joined in with a show of glee.

But social media users saw the hateful display for what it was, remarking again and again how “sick” the left is to wish for “financial hardship” for Americans in a quest to see the president fall.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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