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Oops. Alyssa Milano, Stormy Daniels share ‘shocking’ immigration story; forgot to check the date, again

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Sparking outrage over what amounts to fake news appears to be an epidemic on the left.

Alyssa Milano continued her embarrassing streak of calling out President Trump for the sins of his predecessor in a tweet about migrant children in immigration court proceedings.

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The actress shared a Washington Post article about a judge who considered 3-year-old children to be old enough to represent themselves in immigration court.

Milano’s outrage was echoed by porn star Stormy Daniels who tweeted that it was “pure insanity.”

The only thing is, the insanity wasn’t perpetrated by the Trump administration, as the women were implying. In fact, the women – and many of their Twitter followers – tripped over one glaring problem: the article was from March 2016, months before Trump was even elected as president.


And the judge in question, Jack Weil, was appointed in 2009, during Obama’s tenure at the White House.

The tweets from Milano, Daniels and crew then beg the question: where was the outrage in 2016?

The actress who blamed Trump’s Twitter feed for sending her into the “fetal position” has had quite a few entertaining episodes of egg on her face. She apparently didn’t learn anything after tripping over the facts when she tried to prove babies were being stolen under Trump’s policies.

Milano has time and again demonstrated her ignorance on the topic of gun control as well, as she spews Hollywood’s anti-gun, anti-NRA narrative. Conservative actor James Woods was happy to school Milano on just who NRA members are after she unwisely slammed the organization and the U.S. military in one tweet.

Her latest clueless offering went uncorrected, of course.

But plenty of Twitter users who did check the facts were happy to set Milano and Daniels straight.

Frieda Powers


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