Ex-CIA director trivializing Holocaust to hit Dems’ new talking point about separating kids from parents

Former CIA director Michael Hayden marginalized and trivialized the Holocaust by comparing the humane current U.S. immigration policy (which both Democratic and Republican politicians signed into law years ago) to Nazi Germany.

“Other governments have separated mothers and children,” Hayden tweeted, along with a photo of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

Former Obama CIA head compared the U.S. federal immigration policy to Nazi Germany concentration camps. (Pixabay)
Former CIA head Michael Hayden compared the U.S. immigration policy to Nazi Germany. (Pixabay)

Hayden was taking a swipe at President Trump, whom he blames for the fate of migrant children who get separated at the Southern border when their parents break U.S. law by crossing the border illegally.

Keep in mind that Hayden — who was CIA director under George W. Bush and briefly under Barack Obama — said nothing about these same immigration policies when they were in effect under the two presidents he served under.

Michael Hayden said nothing when Obama kept migrant children in cages. (screenshot)
Michael Hayden said nothing when Bush and Obama kept migrant children in cages. (screenshot)

Like other liberals, the retired Air Force general suffers from selective amnesia, a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome, where leftists trash President Trump for doing far less serious things than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did.

As BizPac Review has reported, Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar said Obama covered up the child migrant crisis during his eight-year presidency, and the media turned a blind eye to it.

“It was kept very quiet under the Obama Administration,” Cuellar told CNN.

The reason why the “families” get split up is because under current federal law (which Democratic lawmakers approved), any adult who enters the United States illegally is criminally prosecuted.

Because the government does not want to prosecute children who cross the border illegally with their parents, they are detained in federal facilities, where they get housing, food, education, and entertainment (courtesy of U.S. taxpayers).

(Michael Sheridan/Twitter)

Meanwhile, Twitter trashed Michael Hayden for trivializing the Holocaust (where 6 million Jews were tortured and murdered) by comparing it to current U.S. immigration policy.

Boris Epshteyn (who’s Jewish) tweeted: “Liberals – please stop using the memory of the Holocaust to advance your political goals.”

Ezra Levant, who’s Jewish, remarked: “This is a former director of the CIA. He’s comparing a long-standing, bi-partisan U.S. law enforcement policy to a Nazi concentration camp. How could someone with such rash judgement ever have been in charge of American intelligence?”

Dr. Petra Marquardt-Bigman quipped: “How to cheapen the memory of the Nazi effort to kill all Jews…”

Marcel Dirsus wrote: “These comparisons are lazy and insulting to the victims of Nazi Germany.”


Thorin tweeted: “Reach of the century.”


John Cardillo tweeted: “The irony for MSNBC and their far-left commentators is that democrat socialist icon FDR actually did fill internment camps.”

One person remarked: “Obama puts kids of illegal migrants into detention centers = “Hope and Change!” Trump puts kids of illegal migrants into detention centers = “LiDeRaLY HiTlERR!!”

Then, there’s this.


ICE protester who climbed Statue of Liberty is Congolese immigrant with record of assaulting cop

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