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CNN seals its fate with Father’s Day feature: A woman, who identifies as a man, breastfeeds then ditches jugs

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In recognition of Father’s Day, CNN featured a story of a woman who identifies as a man, who gave birth and breastfed her child before mutilating her body by having her breast removed.

“He gave birth. He breastfed,” the tweet from CNN declared. “Now, he wants his son to see him as a man.”

The transgender man, Sabastion Sparks, is married to a transgender woman, Angela Sparks — to recap, a man who believes he’s a woman married a woman who believes she’s a man — and the story highlights challenges transgender families face.

CNN reports that Sabastion was “assigned the female gender at birth,” as if someone accidentally checked the wrong box — and since “he” was a female and his wife was a male, they conceived their son the conventional way.

But in showing readers an apple and calling it a banana in an attempt to mainstream transgender behavior, CNN may not have bargained for the reaction on social media.

Here’s a sampling of other reactions from Twitter and to be honest, it was brutal.






Tom Tillison


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