‘Sound really worried’: Blumenthal’s ‘attempt to diffuse’ IG report before release reeks of desperation

Sounding like someone who has a good idea about what to expect from today’s long awaited release of the DOJ inspector general’s report, Sen. Richard Blumenthal took to Twitter to dismiss the anticipated reaction from President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Which prompts the obvious question, why is Blumenthal so nervous?

“Spoiler alert: President Trump’s cronies have already readied their talking points to exaggerate & distort the facts of tomorrow’s DOJ IG report and spin them into a false narrative about the Special Counsel investigation,” Blumenthal tweeted Wednesday.

“I’m calling it now: no matter what the DOJ IG report actually says,” the Democrat continued in a second tweet, “President Trump’s sycophantic supporters will try to claim that somehow he is the victim of FBI wrongdoing & bias. Talk about fake news.”

The irony of Blumenthal, who lied about his service in Vietnam, lecturing others about a “false narrative” being laughable.

He continued in a series of tweets to say the president will use the results of the report to claim FBI bias against him.

That he brings up Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is instructive in what to expect on Thursday. And even though by now, no one in America questions Trump’s decision to fire former FBI director James Comey, Blumenthal is still fighting that battle.

One social media user summed up well the Connecticut senator’s tweets.

“Looks like the dems are already in damage control. Report hasn’t even come out yet,” the tweet read.

Here’s a sampling of other reactions that shows the American people remember his lies about Vietnam, and can read between the lines.





Tom Tillison


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