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Man demolishes portrait of his ex-idol ‘piece of s–t’ Robert De Niro after actor’s disgraceful Trump rants

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A man from Staten Island was so angry over Robert De Niro’s “F–k Trump” statement at the Tony Awards, that he smashed his beloved picture of the actor taken from the movie “Goodfellas.”

Joseph DeVito a longtime fan of De Niro took the picture hanging on his wall down and carried it out to the garbage can where he destroyed it. According to the New York Post.

“This used to be my idol, I used to love this guy,” DeVito said as he took the picture down.

“But after what he did last night at the Tonys — this is where Robert goes.”

DeVito smashed the frame and ripped the photo into shreds.

“You’re a real piece of s-t, another Trump hater down.”

As BPR previously reported, the president himself just after his historic visit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, took the time to attack De Niro on Tuesday in a tweet saying he had a “very Low IQ” and gave the actor a deserving new nickname.



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