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Hogg has zero understanding of net neutrality, but that won’t stop him from embarrassing himself

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Gun control activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg spouted off about the end of so-called “net neutrality” in a clueless conspiracy tweet.

Internet providers will be “collaborating with the politicians” in a supposed plan of voter suppression, according to Hogg who tweeted his hot take on Tuesday.

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Spreading the conspiracy theory that websites helping register voters will be affected by companies plotting with politicians to slow them down, Hogg declared that the very “survival” of net neutrality hangs in the balance in November’s elections.

The Federal Communications Commission repealed the 2015 Obama-era net neutrality law on Monday, announcing in a press release that it was removing “unnecessary, heavy-handed regulations” and replacing them with “common-sense regulations that will promote investment and broadband deployment.”

Critics of the repeal have warned that, without the controls in place, internet providers will have too much control over how online content is delivered, including the speed. Though there has been no evidence to back claims by Hogg and others who see the companies conspiring with politicians to suppress the vote, the theory persists.

Plenty of Hogg’s supporters agreed with his take and joined the effort to “stay woke.”

Others on Twitter came to the conclusion that Hogg was, indeed, “ahead of the curve” but not in a good way.

Frieda Powers


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